Hi Sophie,

They’ve finished all the painting and it looks really good!

Thank you for all your help in chasing them and organising the repairs.

Many thanks,


March 2015 Appleshaw House

I can only hope that the new landlord is as good as David has been!



April 2015 Dray Gardens

Hi Sophie,

Things are really good thanks. I hope all is well with you. Yes the work has been done. I was very impressed by Julien and the work he did.Many thanks for this work.


10th Dec 2015 after decorating work done

Hi David and Sophie,

Thanks again for having us at Ondine and being patient with our week after week of being think we're exchanging, think we're exchanging, and didn't. and so on. I hope the new tenants are happy as much as we were there. Best wishes

Nicola, Janko and Luka

Jan 2016 Ondine Road

Thank you very much for your emails. We really are grateful that you have been flexible about us leaving our contract early and for the fact that you have been such great landlords.  I explained to our friends how great you have been as landlords which made them keener to take the flat as good landlords can be hard to come by!


Jan 2016 Fernwood Ave

Hi Sophie,

The men just left after installing the sound insulating windows. They did a wonderful job, and in about 30 minutes. The difference is remarkable. I really am grateful. Many many thanks to you and David and Vanessa.


March 2016

Lastly, in case we are not in touch further, I'd like to thank you for being such a considerate landlord over the past four years! I hope that all goes well with the new tenants.

August 2016 Blair House

Hi Sophie,

Yes - all working now. We are very happy with the new shower!

Thanks for sorting it out.

Rory & Kat

Sept 2016

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